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Amethyst goblet 461D
Blue based goblet, blue & green swags.Height 5", diameter 3". 462D
Amethyst ground, dark well formed combing. Height 5", diameter 3". 463D
Silvery white and green combing set on a mottled green base. Height 5", diameter 3" 464D
Bold swags on an amethyst base. Height 5", diameter 3". 465D
Amber bowl with golden combing set on a deeply iridescent stem. 466D
Amber bowl with golden swags set on a richly iridescent stem. 467D

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Mushroom 312C
Pi. l. No.139 dated 1990. 313C
WNP No. 24 dated 1988. 314C
Glass dump shaped paperweight. 315C
Combed weight. 414C
Encased weight by David Barrass. 415C
Okra 91 Hydropod No 36. 418C

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Scent Bottles
Pink Ayrum No. 31 coded PA5. Height 8", diameter 2". 476D
Deepest amethyst ground. Marked '1989 FS 5' Height 8", diameter 2". 316C
Signed J.C. 96. Height 4", diameter 3". 411C
Globular scent bottle. Height 4", diameter 2". 455D
Globular Amazon design. Height 5", diameter 2". 456D

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Founder Member Vase 1977/1978 No.1036 283C
Gemini Vase 287C
Pink Charlock Vase 321C
Lily Vase 457D
Bright blue vase with silver combing 458D
Amazon 459D
Ayrum 460D
Founder Member Vase 1977/1978 No.712 49A

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