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From this page you can view images of all of the paperweights in the Broadfield House Glass Museum collection and some pictures of the paperweight exhibition (including weights on loan from Bob Hall) held in 2003.

Broadfield House at Kingswinford in the heart of the glass making area of the Midlands is the only museum in the U.K. dedicated exclusively to the collection and preservation of glass and related items. At the foot of this page there is a link directly to the Glass Museum site with details of access, opening times, location etc.

The page has been subdivided into the following categories and subcategories.  Click on the links below to go directly to that which interests you.

The Exhibition
American  ..  British  ..  French  ..  Scottish  ..  Other

The Exhibition
The display case and shelves of Scottish and early French weights. PPWX01
Two shelves of Ysart weights, some modern English and American and and assorttment of earlier weights. PPWX02
Shelves of early French weights and English weights. PPWX03
Early English weights with one shelf of Varnish weights. PPWX04
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Correia Saturn weight c.1980 BDH079
Correia Morning Glory flowers 1986. BDH080
Correia externally applied snake. BDH081
Sandwich Glass Co. cruciform flower c.1875. BDH056
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Royal Brierley  ..  Varnish  ..  Other

Royal Brierley
Unidentified sulphide by Sid Baker. BDH020
Octagonal shaped weight by Sid Baker encasing sulphide of horses head 1974. BDH021
Central cross on spatter ground by Sid Baker 1974. BDH022
Swirl centred with a cross dated 1973 by Sid Baker. BDH023
Green glass with spatter ground and central cross by Sid Baker. BDH025
Spatter garland around monogram WV or AM signed by Sid Baker and dated Nov14 1973 No.11. BDH025
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Blue weight with pattern of circles 1849 - 1852. BDH001
Blue weight with swirl pattern 1849 - 1852. BDH002
Blue weight with complex pattern based on a central flower shape 1849 - 1852. BDH003
Blue weight with facets based on a simple flower shape 1849 - 1852. BDH004
Clear glass heavily facetted weight 1849 - 1852. BDH005
Green weight heavily cut in a four leaf clover pattern 1849 - 1852. BDH006
Green weight heavily cut with a square pattern 1849 - 1852. BDH007
Green weight heavily cut and with a small central circle 1849 - 1852. BDH008
Uncut bright red weight 1849 - 1852. BDH009
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Other British Makers
Allen & Moore sulphide miniature 1851. BDH031
Bacchus with profile head of young Queen Victoria. Close pack in basket of red and white canes. BDH011
Green dump with large flower arising from bubbles possibly Nailsea. BDH036
Okra black duck weight signed JG 1980 - 1990. BDH083
Okra bullet shaped glod flashed weight signed JG 1980 - 1990. BDH084
Richardson six row concentric around central ruffle cane c.1912. BDH014
Richardson low profile hollow weight with half-penny inside 1921. BDH015
Crystal paperweight with encaased moulded bee. Probably from Stourbridge area. BDH019
Probably Walsh Walsh small concentric millefiori bottle with 1848 date c.1930. BDH012
Walsh Walsh large close-pack millefiori bottle with 1848 date in amethyst glass c.1930. BDH013
Webb Corbett violet flashed and heavily facetted with star-cut base c.1970. BDH017
Webb Corbett yellow flashed with five facets and top window having spider and web engraved on the base c.1970. BDH018
Whitefriars 1977 to commemorate the Silver Jubilee No.356/1000. BDH016
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Baccarat  ..  Clichy  ..  St Louis

Double white clematis with central dotted star cane and one bud over a star-cut base c.1850. BDH050
Type three pansy with one flower and one bud. One leaf broken off c.1850. BDH051
A Dupont rondello c.1930. BDH052
Medium sized spaced millefiori with seven silhouette canes on an upset muslin ground dated B1850. BDH053
Central flower silhouete and nine 'Gridel' canes with 1847 date on upset muslin. BDH054
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Probably Clichy sulphide of Prince Albert to sinister. BDH027
Probably Clichy sulphide of Duc d'Orleans to dexter. BDH028
Miniature open concentric with five pairs of green/pink roses c.1850. BDH038
Miniature open concentric very fine weight with five perfect white roses c.1850. BDH039
Open concentric with eighteen roses in the outer circle c.1850. BDH040
Close pack in blue and white striped basket. With ten roses and many fine canes c.1850. BDH041
Spaced millefiori on upset muslin with one pink and green rose c.1850. BDH042
Chequer weight with one central pink and green rose c.1850. BDH043
Medium weight with central nosegay all over an upset muslin ground c.1850. BDH044
Medium weight with central nosegay surrounded by a garland with 18 roses over an upset muslin ground c.1850. BDH045
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St Louis
Possibly St Louis butterfly with stretched cane wings. BDH046
Deep pink pom-pom with one white bud on white double swirl base c.1850. BDH047
Unusual large nosegay with two pairs of three canes and six leaves with fine cross-hatched base c.1850. BDH048
Composite millefiori cane setup over double white swirl (badly centred) c.1850. BDH049
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Paul Ysart  ..  Perthshire  ..  Strathearn  ..  William Manson

Paul Ysart
Pink fish with aventurine fins surrounded by close packed garland containing PY cane c.1970. BDH057
Green fish flush to pink jasper ground. Seven cane garland & 'H' cane c.1970. BDH058
Gold fish with translucent red fins on green ground in bubble garland & 'H' cane c.1970. BDH059
Indian head sulphide floating on a pale blue ground with red and yellow spot torsade garland c.1930. BDH060
Indian head brooch from which the sulphide was made. BDH060A
Green aventurine snake with yellow spots on green and white ground PY cane and Caithness sticker c.1965. BDH061
Red aventurine salamander with green stripes on a sand and rocky ground PY cane and sticker c.1970. BDH062
Caithness shape on black foot with three orange and pink ducks PY cane c.1965. BDH063
Caithness shape two fish swimming over pastel shaded rocks on sea bed PY cane c.1965. BDH064
Millefiori heart with alternating composite cane garland and 'H' cane c.1970 BDH065
Green fountain weight on blue base c.1970. BDH066
Blue, white and lime green crown weight, rectangular PY sticker to base c.1970. BDH067
Mauve ground patterened millefiori weight with complex garland (1940-1950). BDH068
Dragonfly in spaced garland with PY cane over translucent red ground and Moncrieff label to base (1940-1950). BDH069
Double harlequin weight with H cane in base c.1970. BDH070
Scrambled weight with rectangular PY sticker c.1970. BDH071
Ink bottle with five roundels encompassing complex central cane on white ground with matching stopper c.1970. BDH072
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Facetted hollow blown weight with lampwork swan on light green pond star cut base 1973. BDH077
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Half-spoke pattern with orange and blue spokes over a black ground (1964-1980). BDH073
Half-spoke pattern with orange and blue spokes over a black ground (1964-1980). BDH074
Half-spoke pattern spokes in olive green on a deep blue base (1964-1980). BDH075
Probably Strathearn treble magnum with four clematis type flowers with canes possibly reading JA and 1966. BDH078
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William Manson
A seal and fish on blue and white ground No.1/150 signed WM and dated 1988. BDH076
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Bohemian spaced millefiori on upset muslin intended to concentric (1845-1860). BDH055
Magnum with sulphide of The Rt.Hon. Earl Fitzwilliam probably English C19. BDH010
Sulphide of Prince Albert to dexter. BDH026
Photograph of lady in paperweight with frosted base c.1910. BDH029
Photograph of young man in paperweight with pontil and unpolished base c.1910. BDH030
Advertising weight for US Glass Co. Pittsburg enclosing intaglio head of young woman. BDH032
Advertising weight for Archibald Thomson & Co London. Lettering engraved. BDH033
Advertising weight for John Baird, Glass Manufacturers, Glasgow. BDH034
Small green dump of pot with three flowers and one larger central flower. BDH035
Large green dumpwith sulphide of Gladstone. BDH037
Magnum abstract weight by and inscribed Pauline Solven, R H 1976. BDH082
Treble Magnum by Timo Sarpeneva. One large central bubble and thousands of small ones giving a white appearance 1985. BDH085
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